Run Your School Like a Rhodes Scholar

The only martial arts software created by a full-time school owner with degrees from Harvard and Oxford


"Our first week using DojoFlo, we upgraded five members into Leadership Program."

Sharon VanBelle
VanBelle's ATA Black Belt Academy
Modesto and Patterson, CA

"I highly recommend DojoFlo to anyone wanting to take their school to the next level."

Mark J. Cancino
Cancino’s Black Belt Academy
Reno and Sparks, NV

"I used to struggle to get everything done for my marketing events. DojoFlo makes it easy to prioritize what I need to do each day."

Jared Dodley
Bright Star Martial Arts
Santa Clarita, CA


About DojoFlo

Hi, I’m Chief Master Jordan Schreiber. I’m an 8th degree black belt with 30 years of experience running martial arts schools and clubs.

Like you, I got into this business because I love to train and I love to teach. As a young instructor, I opened an Taekwondo club at Harvard (where I earned my undergraduate and law degrees) and another club at Oxford (where I got a PhD as a Rhodes Scholar).

But when I opened my first commercial school, I knew nothing about marketing, sales or staff development. The school struggled for a year before I shut it down, having learned an important lesson: Teaching great classes is only a small part of what makes a school thrive. We also need to recruit leads, enroll new members, upgrade them into higher-level programs, and retain them. And we need a simple automatic system for doing those things so we can trust our staff to get it right even without extensive training.

That’s why I created DojoFlo.



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